So, after posting my manuscript to Nook Press – I know, I know, FINALLY, right? – I discovered this little gem when I attempted to search for the Nook Book version. WHO KNEW?!


Check it out for yourself! Frankly, this couldn’t come at a better time as TWIST gets ready for publication!!


Feeling pretty good right now…



Spiral’s Going International!

Hey folks,

Exciting news! Spiral is being discovered by bloggers around the world, and it is receiving some super reviews! Most recently, the #2 Goodreads reviewer for India, Aditi, posted her excellent 4-star review of Spiral on Goodreads and Amazon. Check out her thoughts here!

Thanks for the review, Aditi! Happy reading!




Teaching fail of the day…

Every now and again on my car rides to school, I conceive brainchildren. These are exciting, lightbulb ideas that spring into my head out of nowhere, inspiring a flow of excited, positive thoughts such as, “By golly, that’s it!”, “What a great idea!” and, my personal favorite, “I am a genius!” Some brainchildren are far more superior than others, and make it beyond the car ride to paper or the plan book. It’s just a matter of how inspired I am by the idea to make it work. But putting this into action is a different story, and sometimes the great idea in my head looks quite different in the end. Many of my best stories and plays have evolved from these brainchildren, while an equal number of fails have occurred.

Today, was a failure. On a whim, I decided I was a creative person who belonged on some “most shared” list on Pinterest, and I decided to try my hand at making a rainforest tree on my bulletin board. Here is the result:
Lesson learned? I should stick to pen and paper (or keyboard and screen, actually) because Art and design are still not my forte.


My First Signing!



Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, mostly because I have been hard at work on Spiral’s sequel, Twist. It’s coming along, but I could definitely use, I don’t know, say a good two months off to finish the manuscript?! Thank god summer vacay is around the corner!!

So the coolest news I have to share is that I held my first ever book signing on Saturday! The Barnes and Noble in Poughkeepsie, NY, hosted a Local Author Event and invited me to join a panel of 6 other authors to present our work and hold a discussion/Q&A. It was exciting, and naturally I went all out! I got a sign, ordered lots of books and business cards to hand out, and I even picked up fancy, sparkly red cloth to drape behind the sign. Here’s a shot of what it looked like:

I was super nervous, even though it was mostly my friends and family at the event. Still, the questions they asked made me realize I need to brush up on my “canned” responses for what the book is about and where I got the inspiration from, yadda yadda.

Either way, I loved every minute of it, and it was the first moment when I realized I can call myself an author! Not to mention the perk of telling folks, “I had a book signing this weekend for my new novel” when asked what my weekend plans were. And this sign btw (by the fabulous Minutemen of RVC in Long Island, NY) is to die for:

Of course, I need to be able to use this sign again, so I’ve already contacted the Barnes and Noble of Mohegan Lake, near my hometown of Cortlandt Manor, to see if they do the same program. Stay tuned!



In Memory of Paul Walker

Today, I am saddened by the news of Paul Walker’s tragic death. I’ll be the first to say I never knew him, he wasn’t in my top five favorite actors, and I begrudgingly went to see the Fast and Furious movies with my obsessed friends. But the news was difficult to read nonetheless because already I see how inundated all of the channels and websites have become with the story. I keep thinking, “His poor family must be suffering.”

Paul Walker’s death hits a little close to home, too. I had written a very similar scene in the sequel for Spiral involving Jack and his friend. I feel terrible and torn now, and I do not know if I should include the scene. My husband said, “Art imitates life,” but I don’t necessarily agree in this instance. I will have to think long and hard about using that scene because no one wants to repeat such an awful tragedy for the sake of art.

When I wrote Spiral, and now as I write Twist, the other side of a celebrity’s story is my goal. They’re people, you know, just like us. They have families and friends and, in his case, children. I want my readers to find empathy for the famous and their families because what we call “news” are stories about their lives. How painful and difficult it must be to have to live through tragedy in the public eye.

Imagine you’re Paul Walker’s 15 year old daughter, and you have to not only face the fact that your father has died in a terrible way, but you won’t be able to escape the images or the talk of it for days, maybe even weeks. Online, at the grocery store, in class, there will be whispers, pictures, gossip – constant reminders when all she will want to do is make it go away. Then there will be the careless, insensitive people who dare to say, “That’s what you get for living your life like your films.” For shame, people.

My heart goes out to Paul Walker’s family and friends at this time. My prayers are with them as they try to navigate through this tragedy and move on without him. I hope the media can give them the space and time to grieve they deserve.